Love Mace

LOVE MACE is a heavy rock band initially founded by Igor Breakenback to record movie soundtracks and film background music for existing and upcoming feature film projects of Breakenback Films.

Soon it was clear that the band could stand on its own and the decision was made to try and produce an album.

The band:

Igor Breakenback as well as on vocals and guitar, is also the lyricist of the band.

Aaron Argent is the shredder and lead guitarist.

Daniel Myasnikov is the bands drummer. He was born in Moscow and has played for numerous bands before joining LOVE MACE. You could hear his crazy beat in bands like:

  • Pora Konchat - Moscow Post Punk Band
  • N`tension - Cover Band J-Rock
  • Metr-(80) - Moscow Pop punk band

Daniel first started playing guitar and then switched to drums when a friend's band lost their drummer and he jumped in.

Iwo Trsek is the head tech-head and bassist for LOVE MACE. He was born in the Czech Republic near Prague. Before joining LOVE MACE, Iwo played guitar in “Against the rest” an alternative metal band. He met Daniel in the University of Central Queensland (CQU) at the Sydney campus, where Daniel convinced him to come to one of the LOVE MACEs rehearsals. While Daniel and Iwo are both still studying for a Bachelor of IT, there seems always to be some time for headbanging.

LOVE MACE is planing to release their first album in the near future. Stay tuned for upcoming gigs and concerts